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All About Betta Fish Feeding

How Often Do You Feed A Betta Fish

Feeding a Betta fish is not a difficult task, but some people worry about giving extra or less food to their little warriors. This is why they often ask what type of food is ideal for them or how often do you feed a Betta fish.

For this reason, we have mentioned all the possible things you might want to know about the Betta fish feeding in this article. So read more to get your answers.

What Can Betta Fish Eat?

Your little Betta fish are carnivores. They don’t eat algae, but surely not hesitate to catch their other species mates in the tank. However, it only happens in rare cases when they are too much hungry.

Betta fish are commonly known for their attacking and aggressive behavior. This is why it is important to keep them in a separate tank instead of keeping them with other aggressive or small fish. Some people find Betta specie choosy in terms of food. But that’s not the case. These fish prefer quantity over the quality of the food.

The best types of food you can give to your Betta are mosquitoes’ larvae, live worms or brine shrimp, freeze or frozen, live dried food, and Betta pellets. People also feed them cubes and flakes, which are not a quality meal for your little fish.

How Much Food Does a Betta Eat?

Don’t know how much food and how often do you feed betta fish? Well, it’s not difficult to predict. Talk about the quantity –the simple way to find out, and feed them as much food as they can eat in two good minutes. After two minutes, your fish will stop eating, and the leftovers will make the water unhealthy for them.

Interestingly, Betta fish have a tendency to gain weight. If your fish continue eating more than two minutes, their stomach starts to grow. In this case, you need to put your fish on a diet.

Now the next question; you can feed them two times a day. Feed them in the morning and then at night. This way, you will keep 12 hours difference between the meals. Don’t forget to give them food at the same time of the day. This way, you and your Betta fish will be in a routine. Some people make their fish fast for 24 hours after every 10 to 14 days. This helps them to reduce the risk of constipation.

Top 5 Food for Betta Fish

Aqueon Betta Treat

aqueon betta treatThis Aqueon treat is specifically made from the freeze-dried bloodworms. They are great for your little pet as they contain highly dense nutrients, which help them maintain good health. Moreover, this treat is also a high source of protein for your Betta wish. You can feed them as daily diet or as a treat.

Your little pet will love its taste; not only can you give it to your Betta fish, but other species can also enjoy this tasty fish food. The best part is you don’t have to worry about any toxicity in this food. It is completely free from bacteria and parasites, and just right for your aggressive Betta.

Aqueon Betta Pellets

Aqueon Betta PelletsThis 0.95 oz Betta pellets is another wonderful choice to feed your water pets. Aqueon Betta Pellets contains all the natural ingredients which are healthy for your fish. It is free from any artificial elements such as colors. The color of this food comes from the ingredients in the formula, which might make you think the color is artificial or unsafe.

This food is highly recommendable because it can boost your Bettas’ immune system and help them pronounce their natural color more beautifully. Aqueon food is specially designed so that your fish can utilize more of the food and create less waste. Not to mention, this food will not make clouds in the water.

TetraBetta Floating Mini Pellets

Tetra Betta Floating Mini PelletsThis food is also made from pellets, which helps your pet to grow healthier. The package of the treat is the easy-to-use sliding dispenser, which is an advantage for you.

These small floating pellets are a great staple diet for your Betta. TetraBetta food boosts your fish’s immune system and contains the required amount of ProCare nutrients and vitamins. This amazing food is also a source of various nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids and protein, which gives them energy and helps them grow.

Fluval Bug

Fluval Bug BitesThis tasty fish food has a unique formulation and contains insects for your fish. Fluval Bug includes 40% of Black Soldier Fly Larvae, which is rich in nutrients. The omega 3 and 6 content in this fish food is great for the development of scales, skin and fins.

Your fish not only likes this food but can also easily digest it. Not to mention, this food is free from any harmful ingredients that can kill your little fighter. You can feed it at mealtime to your fish.

Omega One Blood Worms

Omega One Blood WormsOmega One Blood Worms are not made from artificial ingredients. They are genuine blood worms, which makes them perfect for your Betta fish. This is why this food also has color enhancing abilities, which is a plus for your fish. Worms have high protein, which is great as a conditioning food for breeding Betta.

This food is also rich in minerals and vitamins, which are great in various ways. These bacteria-free worms are ideal for all types of freshwater and salt-water fish. You also don’t have to worry about the presence of any parasites in the food.

Bottom line on how often do you feed a Betta Fish

Now you know how often do you feed a Betta fish and understand what type of food is best for them. So, follow the suggestions mentioned above to make your Betta fish healthy and help them live longer lives.

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