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Best Options for Guinea Pig Bedding

Best Bedding For Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are unique animals – they are small, soft, and active beings that need affection and love. You need to take extra care of them, as they can easily get ill because of unhealthy food and uncomfortable environment. For this reason, you need to bring the best bedding for guinea pigs that can provide all the essential features to them as well as to you so both of you can enjoy living together under the same roof.

To help you choose the best bedding for guinea pigs, we have brought some best cage liners for you. So, go through the options, and you can choose any of them for your cute little piggy.

Carefresh White BeddingCarefresh White Bedding

Are you looking for the best bedding for guinea pigs? Carefresh has a variety of them, but the best are Carefresh white small pet bedding. This cage liner is specifically designed for small animals like your fellow piggy. It has comfy fluff material to give a soft pillowy, comfort, and cozy feeling to your little pig.

This liner gives you all the essential features which you are looking for for your pet. It has ultra absorbency as well as offers you ten days of odor control. Not to mention, this amazing bedding is two times more absorbent than shavings. If you are a person who faces troubles while cleaning the piggy cage because of dust, then this is for you. It does not get dusty and allows you to clean the cage easily. Your piggy will love you even more if you add this new bedding to their home.

So Phresh Paper PelletSo Phresh Papter Pellets

This is a wonderful bedding for your piggy, which you can find easily in the market. So Phresh is popular for their liners for animals. They are making some great beddings that can offer you various features. This one comes with the natural paper pellets to lock in moisture. This means you can use it for a couple of days, and still, your piggy will remain dry and clean. Wondering what will happen to odor? Well, do not worry. This liner contains baking soda, which prevents the bedding from emitting odors.

You will find it surprising that this high-quality lineris also environmentally friendly and biodegradable. The 100% recycled paper used in this bedding does not break after getting wet. Another great feature is its low dust ability. This will help you keep your home atmosphere free from pollutants and prevent you from developing dust allergy. Not to mention, you can use them in all small animal cages.

Kaytee Clean and Cozy Extreme Odor Control BeddingKaytee Clean and Cozy Extreme Odor Control Bedding

The third best bedding for guinea pigs is Kaytee Clean and Cozy liner. If you are a person who can smell from far away, and that’s the reason you are facing trouble with your piggy, this bedding can help you. This liner neutralizes and controls ammonia and works until 14 days. It allows you to make the environment free from uncomfortable odor.

Your piggy will also feel happy when they play on its super-soft surface. This odor control bedding, made from the trimmings from hygienic products and discarded remnants, helps to reduce the amounts of waste which ends up in landfills. By using this product, you can also play your part in saving the earth. Moreover, this cage liner is 99.9% dust free and two times more absorbent than wood shavings. You can find it in any store and can enjoy its features.

Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble BeddingVitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding

Looking for other cage liners which can control odor up to 14 days? You have come to the right place. Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding offers you to keep your environment odorless for more than 14 days. This liner is highly recommendable because of its splendid features, which you can hardly find in others. Vitakrafts bedding is made from 100% recycled paper, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Not to mention, it is also compostable and biodegradable.

This bedding is also baking soda free, which is best for piggy owners who want to keep their pets away from soda. But still, it is 99.5% dust-free. Surprisingly, this cage liner also gives you an exceptional feature: it can expand three times more of its size to absorb moisture. Not only can you easily clean the cage, but also your piggy will enjoy the presence of this bedding.

Uber Soft Paper Pet BeddingUber Soft Paper Pet Bedding

The Uber Soft Bedding helps you keep your guinea pigs’ cage remain fresh, neat, and clean for more than two weeks. Yes, you do not need to take it out from the cage before 14 days. This comfortable, soft, and comfy liner is made from the food-grade virgin shredded paper. Not to mention, it also keeps the atmosphere odor-less. This means your indoor air will remain fresh and clean.

It also gives you a liner with 99.9% dust-free ability. It does not contain any chemical additives so that your little fellow remains safe. This amazing bedding can absorb moisture more than six times its weight and can expand to three times its size without breaking apart. It is eco-friendly bedding, which you can use for guinea pigs, gerbils, mice, hamsters, rabbits, rats, chinchillas, and ferrets. With all its features, this bedding is also quite affordable for you.

Bottom Line

So, choose any one of the best bedding for guinean pigs above. All of them are greatand can help you in the long run. Most importantly, all of them are dust free and have odor control feature as well as they are comfortable, which are the priority features every owner looks for in bedding

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