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Top 10 Vegetables For Your Guinea Pigs

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Broccoli

Most owners ask can guinea pigs eat broccoli, carrot, parsley, and other vegetables. But some of them don’t even try to search whether veggies are good for their pet or not, and feed them. You need to understand that your guinea pig can’t eat everything. Even the food which you are allowed to give them should be given in moderation.

The following are some veggies that your little piggy can munch on.

1. Bell Peppers

If you are looking for the best source to give plenty of vitamin C to your guinea pig, go for bell pepper. The best part of this veggie is, it is sugar-free. Not to mention, your piggy will fall for its taste and can choose from the variety of red, green, orange, and yellow bell peppers. All of them are high in vitamin C, which helps guinea pigs produce collagen, the formation of bones, and wound healing.

2. Carrots

Carrots are not only great for bunnies, but they can help in the growth of guinea pigs. They are rich in vitamin A. You can feed them both carrot and the carrot greens. They are great for your pet but don’t forget to give them in moderation. Too much consumption of vitamin A is not good for your little fellow.

These orange veggies have a high content of carbohydrates than others. You should avoid feeding them regularly and in large amounts because they are sugary in terms of carbohydrates. Sugar promotes abnormal activities in the guinea pigs’ bodies. It can trigger the development of gas-producing bacteria in their intestinal tract, which is not good for them.

3. Broccoli

Can guinea pigs eat broccoli? Of course, they can. Broccoli is a great veggie to give your piggy. The guinea pigs can eat the entire plant from its flower to its leaves. Remember to chop the stem of broccoli into small pieces because it can be fibrous for your pet. You can also offer the purple sprouting part to your pet.
However, you can’t feed your pet cooked broccoli. They can only eat fresh raw vegetables, which help them to grow.

4. Leafy Green Lettuce

Leafy green lettuce like Bibb or butterhead lettuce is great to feed your guinea pig. They are an incredible source of vitamin C, fiber, and potassium. All of these nutrients are vital for your little pet. The greener the lettuce, the better it is for a guinea pig.

It would be great if you can make the majority of your guinea pig diet based on the leafy greens. They are also safe to give your pet daily. However, make sure to avoid iceberg lettuce. They contain fewer nutrients and a high level of nitrates, which can cause diarrhea.

5. Parsley

Parsley is another tasty veggie rich in vitamin C, making it an ideal treat for little piggy. Make sure to feed it in moderation because it is also high in calcium, which can cause bladder issues.
People usually give parsley to guinea without knowing about its negative effects. The calcium in this veggie can lead to stones in the bladder and kidneys. This is why avoid giving parsley to your guinea pig every day. You can rotate parsley in your pet’s diet a few times a week. Make sure to consult your vet to know if it is causing trouble for your pet.

6. Baby Sweet Corn

Baby sweet corns are delicious and loved by most of the guinea pigs. They are rich in fibers, proteins, and antioxidants. Moreover, baby sweet corn is also a great way to get vitamins A and C. Not to mention, you and your piggy will love its fresh and crunchy flavor.

However, because of the dense nutrients in this veggie, it can cause several problems to your guinea pig, including kidney stones.

7. Corn husks

They are great in taste as well as high in fiber. Corn husks also contain low levels of calcium and oxalate. You can recycle corn husks by feeding them to your pet. You can also give this interesting food to your pet regularly. Guinea pigs also love their raw kennels and leaves.

8. Beetroot

If you want to give this veggie to your pet, give them raw rather than pickled. Beetroot is an incredible source of antioxidants and other nutrients. Mostly, guinea pigs fall for its leaves as well as roots. But if you give them in large quantities, it can result in red urine.

9. Kale

You can say that kale is the relative of the cabbage family. It is very similar to the cabbage leaves. They are great to feed your pet because of the high level of vitamin C.
However, you need to give this veggie in moderation to avoid any health problems. Vitamin C can lead to the formation of stone in your guinea pig’s kidney if they get it in a large quantity.

10. Dandelion

Guinea pigs can enjoy both dandelion leaves as well as their flowers along with their stems. In fact, you can also enjoy this tasty food with your piggy.

Foraging for dandelion can give you and your piggy a good time, and save a lot of money.

Bottom Line

Can guinea pigs eat broccoli, kale, lettuce, and other veggies? Now you know the answer; however, as we have already discussed, you need to give them veggies in moderation to prevent health problems.

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