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How About Feeding Guinea Pigs Celery?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery

We know that veggies are healthy food, and you can get various essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals from them. But what about your furry friends, can they eat veggies? Can guinea pigs eat celery? Is it safe to feed them leafy veggies?

Yes, your piggy can eat celery but is it safe or not, you can decide after reading the article. Learn the benefits, risks, and other important things before introducing celery in your piggy’s diet.

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Celery? Is It Safe?

Wondering can guinea pigs eat celery? Yes, they can. Leafy green vegetables are healthy for your little chubby fellow, but not all of them are safe to eat.

Celery is non-toxic for your piggy. However, vets usually don’t recommend feeding celery to guinea pigs regularly. This is because this veggie contains a high amount of oxalates. Vegetables like beets, spinach, and green beans also have a high level of oxalates.

Why Oxalates Are the Issue?

This compound can increase the risk of developing bladder or kidney stones in your pet. Guinea pigs are prone to develop stones in urinary tracts. Because of this, some vets suggest avoiding feeding celery regularly to your guinea pig.

Moreover, your furry fellow needs to avoid it if they have a history of bladder or kidney stones. Diet with the high content of oxalates can only aggravate the disease. Celery is typically safe for pets without pre-existing health problems such as urinary tract stones.

Is Celery Good for Guinea Pigs?

Your piggy needs high content of vitamin C from its diet. This is because they can’t produce vitamin C on their own. Guinea pigs need vitamin C regularly for making collagen, wound healing, and formation of bones.

Celery is great to fulfill the requirement of vitamin C. It helps your piggy maintain connective tissues and boost the health of all the organs. However, it’s important to feed celery occasionally.

Other sources of vitamin C for your furry pet are vitamin C tablets, hay, pellets, and leafy greens.

Why Should You Avoid Celery?

It may seem a healthy green veggie, but feeding too much celery to your furry fellow can create a problem for your cavy.

We have already discussed that celery contains oxalates, which can lead to the development of kidney stones. Your piggy is susceptible to develop this problem. So, it becomes important for you to avoid it by any means if your furry friend has a history of these issues.

Not to mention, celery is also high in sodium content, which is certainly not good for piggy’s health.

Can They Eat Raw Celery?

Your little furry friend is herbivores. They nibble on leafy greens and grasses. Mostly, vets advise giving guinea pig fresh and raw vegetables.

This provides your pet with lots of nutrients. Most importantly, they also get dental wear, which is really important for their oral health.

Can You Give Them Cooked Celery?

Cooking veggies can also have certain types of risks. This is because almost all types of a recipe involving celery include other ingredients that can be toxic for your pet.

So, if you don’t have an idea about the ingredients, then play safely. Feed them raw celery and other types of veggies.

Things You Need to Consider before Feeding Celery to Piggy

It’s important to introduce new food to your pet with care and attention. If you don’t monitor it closely, it can upset its digestion and develop stress. So, to save your cute little companion from discomfort and developing health issues, consider the following things.

Taste Buds Test

Make sure to test every vegetable and fruit before feeding it to the guinea pig. Don’t just throw any food in their cage and expect them to eat it. Guinea pigs need time to think before eating a new treat, and especially baby guinea pigs wait for a while before trying to eat.

Start Slow

When you are changing their diet and offering new veggies such as celery, you need to introduce it to them in small amounts. First, give them a small slice of celery and note their reactions. If you see that they are eating it calmly and not dropping, you can go for more.

Right Size

If you want to give your piggy celery, make sure to cut this veggie in small pieces perpendicularly. It will be hard for them to eat with their small jaws. In case if they don’t chew them properly, it will cause a problem for them to digest the veggie.

When you feed any type of food, including celery, make it look like a treat rather than a part of their daily diet. Moreover, your piggy’s diet should not depend on veggies but on food pellets and timothy hay. If you feed them celery in large quantities, it can lead to diarrhea, which can be lethal for them.

How Much Celery Is Too Much?

Celery doesn’t contain a lot of fiber like spinach and apples. It contains around half a gram of dietary fiber each stalk. This means you can give guinea pigs tasty celery a couple of times a week or more if they like it.

You may not feel good after reading this, but you need to look at your piggy’s stool to see what food is affecting their digestive system. In case they have diarrhea or wet stool, stop giving them celery and start to feed timothy hay. You can give them Kaytee Timothy Complete Plus, which is great for you piggy.

can guinea pigs eat celery

Timothy hay is a wonderful diet to improve their digestive system and plays a great role in treating the symptoms of diarrhea. Celery contains around 95% of water. This is why it can sometimes make guinea pigs urinate a lot. So, don’t worry if you see the signs of it.

Bottom Line

Now you may answer as a responsible owner when someone asks can guinea pigs eat celery. Don’t forget to tell them how they can serve it to their piggy and how much celery they can feed in a week.

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