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Using Vinegar for Cleaning a Fish Tank

Cleaning Fish Tank With Vinegar

Cleaning a fish tank with vinegar is quite an easy method. In this article, you can learn about the cleaning process step by step.

Using Vinegar Solution for Fish Tanks

You can use vinegar to clean up your heater, filter, tank, and decorations. You can use 1:1 vinegar solution. Vinegar has a tendency to remove all the dirt items and deposits accumulated on a surface. By cleaning a fish tank with vinegar, you can remove all stains of water and other mess from it.

Moreover, you can let the tank soak for a couple of hours without any worry of damages. After cleaning and rinsing everything thoroughly, your equipment and aquarium will get ready for use once again. Once you fill the aquarium up with water, make sure to use a quality water conditioner.

If your fish tank filter has a hard build-up of calcium or tough stains, you can put it in a bucket filled with water and vinegar solution. In case, if you think that you will need a hard solution, then use 2:1 ratio of vinegar and water. For the future, try to clean your fish tank at least once a month so that you don’t need to spend hours cleaning rigid and hard build-ups.

How to Clean if the Tank Is Already Running With Fish?

It’s always best to remove the fish before using vinegar to clean the tank. Vinegar has the ability to change the pH value of the water. This change in the water can cause the death of your fish. Even if they don’t die suddenly, it can damage their body’s protective slime layer.

The ideal way to clean your aquarium is to first relocate your fish in another aquarium or bucket. Pour the water directly from the fish tank to the counter, and slowly net your fish to put them in their new temporary home.

Cleaning fish tank with vinegar while your pets enjoy swimming can only happen if you use distilled white vinegar. You can use it to clean the green spot algae from the aquarium glass. Also, you don’t have to disturb your fish and remove all the items from the fish tank. For this, you will need an aquarium magnet cleaner and vinegar. Take the magnet cleaner and pour out some vinegar on top of it. After that, gently scrub the patches and build-ups with the magnet cleaner until those spots go away.

However, you can only clean the walls with this method, and an inexperienced person can take many hours to understand this process.

How to Use Vinegar on Second-Hand Fish Tanks?

You can use the following method for acrylic and glass tanks. Be sure to remain gentle when you remove the stains from acrylic or plastic tanks so that you don’t damage its body.

Follow the following procedure step by step to get a neat and tidy aquarium.

Empty Your Tank

First of all, find a container or another fish tank to relocate your fish from the aquarium. The best option is to put them in a fish holding tank. If you don’t have a separate tank, you can use a big-sized bucket, which should be enough to accommodate all fish.

Whatever you choose as an alternative, keep in mind that your fish may have to remain in it for a couple of hours, if you are not experienced in cleaning. So it’s important to find a suitable place from where they can’t come out on their own. Oh, yes, don’t forget to remove plants and decorations from the aquarium.

Loosen the Stains

Take a sponge and moisten it with tap water. Use the squeezed sponge to wipe down the inside and outside of the aquarium. It helps you to loosen and remove some of the algae. You may also be able to clean some calcium deposits on its surface. Make sure to handle the sponge lightly, as it can scratch the tank’s surface, especially if you have an acrylic tank.

Use Table Salt

Use the same moisten sponge and add some table salt to it. Wipe down the whole aquarium again and lightly scrub it. You can try a little hard on the stubborn stains so that they can loosen.

Leave the tank for a few minutes, but don’t let it dry completely.

Rinse the Fish Tank

For this step, you need to place the tank outside on grass or in the bathtub, close to a tap.

Use any method to shower lots of water on it. Rinse the fish tank thoroughly from top to bottom.

Cleaning Fish Tank with Vinegar

As we have already discussed, make a solution of 1 part vinegar and 1 part water. Pour this solution onto a clean sponge, and scrub the whole aquarium until the remaining calcium stains and algae get removed. Remember to clean the glass from outside also.

Rinse the Tank

Before replacing your fish and other items in the tank, you need to rinse it thoroughly with water. Wash the entire tank at least twice. Let it dry for some time. Next, replace all the fish and decorations in the tank. Your aquarium will become new again.

Bottom Line

Cleaning fish tank with vinegar is a great idea to keep your aquarium free from algae stains and hard water; it is an effective method that is not difficult and will not take too long. You can also involve your kids in the cleaning activity. This way, they will learn to keep things clean and enjoy doing something for their little swimming pets.

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