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The Best Dog Bakery

Dog Bakery

Like humans, pups also love to eat different types of food. They also crave bakery snacks or treats. If your pup also likes sweet and savory snacks, you need to know about some fine bakeries. This is why we have mentioned our four best picks for your little companion. But before that, you need to understand that your four-legged friend needs to consume food free from artificial content like colors, fillers, and harmful ingredients. They need to eat food made from high quality and natural elements. 

Moreover, if your pups have any allergies, you should also look for food that doesn’t cause any reaction to them. Worried since there are many things to consider? Is it challenging for you? Well, don’t worry. For this reason, we have chosen bakeries that are extremely precautious about your dog’s health. So, whenever you want any bakery item, it’s best to visit any of the mentioned dog bakeries instead of others. Let’s read about them. 

Three Dog Bakery

The first on our list is no other than Three Dog Bakery. You can find this amazing place near Kansas City, Mo. Whether you want pastries, cupcakes, cakes, decoration stuff, or other bakery items for your little one, you can purchase them from this place. Worrying about the health of your pup? You don’t need to. Three Dog Bakery aims to come up with food items that can improve your dog’s health instead of making them ill. The ingredients used in this bakery come from high-quality brands that keep your pup healthy.

Not to mention, this bakery is actually popular for its all-natural and hand-made dog food and dog treats. They bake all of their treats in the oven, which gives them a delicious taste. This bakery also considers the preferences of its little consumers. For this reason, a dog of every breed or age loves to taste their items. If you are looking for their most famous bakery food, then go for dog tacos, bone sandwiches, pet-it-fours, collie cannoli, peanut cups, ice cream sandwiches, and hamburger pup cakes. 

Naked Dog Bistro

Yes, they have an unusual name. But as you can see, this bakery is runner up on our list of bakeries, which means it has something special to offer to your little fellows. A mother and daughter duo in Forest Avenue Laguna Beach, CA, runs the Naked Dog Bistro. If your pup wants to enjoy delicious pastries, you surely need to visit this place. They have an impressive range of pastries designed and made especially for canines. Worrying about your gluten intolerant dog? Well, then it’s good news for you, as they also sell gluten-free treats for your little friends. 

This bakery is also best when it comes to providing food that can boost the fitness and health of puppies. Not to mention, their rich flavor, as well as unique shape and appearance, bring a sense of happiness and joy to your pup. You may be surprised to know that this bakery has taken inspiration from Three Dogs Bakery. For this reason, they are following the footsteps of Three Dogs by considering the needs of every breed. You can get your pal’s birthday cake or puppy scoops from this place. The most loved items on their menu are bacon cupcakes, palm tree-shaped cookies, sweet potato-cheddar fries, peanut butter and carob cupcakes, and chicken parmesan cupcakes. 

Le Marcel 

This bakery is located in San Francisco. Le Marcel bakery has some funny and catchy names for their treats and bakery items such as Fur Tune Cookie, Canine Candy, Muttaroom, and Muttwich. It’s enough to hold the attention of dog owners. Besides having some unique names, their texture and shape are extremely beautiful, plus these items taste amazing. 

Whether you pick pastries, cakes, or treats, all of these items are irresistible for you little fellow. You can also purchase their popular cakes and doggie doughnuts to surprise your puppy on its birthday. This bakery makes some high quality stuff. They use all the healthy and natural ingredients to impress your pooch from flavorsome bakery items. Canine Candy, Pet-it Fours, and Terriermisu are some of their most sold items. 

Pussy & Pooch 

This place provides tasty treats to both your pup and kitten. So, if you have both pets and often have to visit two different bakeries to buy stuff for them, it’s for you. Hence, now you get everything at one bakery. Just go to this place and surprise yourself with a range of different products for almost every kind of breed. Yes, you must be a resident of Beverly Hills or the surrounding area to enjoy their services. Not to mention, you will be surprised to know that
Pussy and Pooch is a lot more than a pet bakery. 

They have daycare, grooming saloon, overnight boarding facility, Pawbar Café, and boutique. This place is best for animal lovers who feel pleased to visit places design for pets. So, if you want to prepare your pup for a birthday, take them with you. Buy cake or other things, and give your dog some time to work on its look in the grooming salon. Furthermore, if you don’t have time to visit the place, you can order your desired item from their website. Their popular bakery items are birthday layer cake, ice cream cones, bundt cakes, and palm tree-shaped cookies. 

Bottom Line

Pick any of the mentioned bakeries located near your home. Make sure to choose the food that your pup prefers to eat. A friendly reminder: you need to control your temptations for buying all the items from these bakeries.

Your dog enjoys treats as well as a good play with his favourite human being. Check out our article about What Makes Your Dog Happy for more ideas about toys your pup would enjoy!


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