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Best Dog Board and Train Programs

Dog Board And Train

Do you have a dog that has some behavioral issues? Does your dog remain too aggressive or excited all the time? Or are you the one facing problems to handle your canine? If you encounter any of the mentioned problems, you need a facility that provides dog board and train programs. They have a solution to all of your problems.

The following are some organizations that offer training and boarding for your dog.

Wags & Wiggles

Wags and Wiggles started training dogs in 1999. Since then, they are working to spread awareness about the natural traits of these animals. The primary reason why they have made this institution is to rescue different dogs. They offer a range of services to dogs and their owners. If you are a worker and spend most of the time away from your home, you can take advantage of their daycare. People who want to train basic behaviors to their little companions can also enroll their pet in this institution. Not to mention, some dog lovers who want to take part in any type of champion’s league can train their dog with the help of Wags and Wiggles.

This impressive institution has around 14 local dog lovers who strive to make your pup’s life easy and entertaining. You might also want to know that this is a family-owned business. So, anything they earn, they invest back into the facility to improve their services. This center also offers you different boarding programs. Your pup will get an extreme amount of love and affection from them. 

Instinct Dog Behavior and Training

This organization has different branches: East Harlem, Portland, Westchester, and Englewood. Instinct Dog Behavior and Training’s main branch is in New York. Established in 2009, this facility’s primary purpose is to train both dog owners and dogs to co-exist in the same environment happily and peacefully. They are more vocal about the challenges of urban areas that are contributing to the bad behaviors of canines. Moreover, they have certified behavior consultant, business and technology specialist, board-certified veterinary behaviorists, and other crucial professionals in their team.

This organization has designed its training program to give you and your pup a safe and comfortable environment so that you can both learn with ease. They have also worked on their infrastructure and provide a warm, comfy, and home-like feel to your little one. You can also see some beautiful artwork, a real-life room, toy boxes, and treat jars to facilitate your pooch. They give your services like obedience and manners, puppy development, behavior consulting, boarding for special behaviors needs, day school, board and train camp, and much more. Hence, you can opt for any of the programs according to your dog’s need. 

School for the Dogs

School for the Dogs is located in New York City. They are helping owners and their dogs since 2011. When you require training for any specific behavior change in your pup, go for this training facility. They give you a range of humane training methods that are great to improve the relationship between you and your dog. This organization also offers services that cater to your pup’s needs. Their puppy training allows you to train your dog, who is two weeks of age. It includes private training sessions, group classes, off-leash classes, and drop-off training.

You can also opt for their teen and adult dog training, which starts when your little companion becomes five months or older. This also includes a variety of services, from a private session to group classes. If you are a person who prefers online programs, go for their virtual training program. This way, you don’t have to waste time traveling and can learn some great stuff. Their virtual program offers you plenty of services that you can imagine. This includes one-on-one video sessions, workshops, group classes, and online training programs. Moreover, they also have a store that allows you to get some high-quality items for your pooch. You can also avail of some discount offers in different seasons.

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Shelby Semel

This dog training organization has some expert female trainers who work hard to provide all the essential facilities for your pup. Shelby Semel Dog Training is in New York City. These trainers are also behavior experts and provide positive reinforcement dog training techniques, reward-based training method programs, and other programs to you and your pup. The most significant thing they will teach you is how to communicate with your canine without using submission, intimidation, and fear. This also helps to build a good relationship with your little fellow.

Not only do you have multiple choices regarding the programs, but you also have choices to opt between private group classes. They also train you to achieve your goals and objective even after the training sessions. What’s more, they send you updates and questions through emails and messages that are completely free of charge. You can also enroll yourself in their virtual private in-home sessions if you don’t want to leave your home. As the trainers are qualified and experienced, you and your pup will learn quickly to behave ethically with each other. 

Bottom Line

When you choose a facility that offers programs like dog board and train, make sure to ask about the trainer’s experience. Inquire about their qualification and expertise. Once you get satisfied, you can enroll your pooch in that facility.

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