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Where To Get A Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Rescue

These piggies have lots of appealing qualities. They are cute, small, and gentle creatures, which give you a feeling of love. But they also need love and affection, most importantly, care and attention. Some people are unable to fulfill their needs, which is why animal lovers need to take responsibility for guinea pig rescue. This leads many guinea pigs to end up in shelters.

Learn a few things before getting any little piggy and learn the best place to get your new fellow.

Where to Get Your New Pet?

It’s better to get your new buddy from the local animal shelter instead of creating more demand for piggys in pet stores. There are many shelters that are on the mission of guinea pig rescue. You can find one near your home and adopt a little piggy for you. Many people don’t plan ahead and buy piggy from an animal store, which results in these little pets ending up in shelters. You will also feel satisfaction in saving an animal life after getting one from a shelter.

But before adopting, make sure that you are mentally prepared for their different lifestyle and willing to complete their specific needs. One example of this is that guinea pigs are not quiet animals. Yes, they will not make noises loud enough to disturb the neighbors, but they still make “wheeking” noises. So, you need to consider where you will accommodate your new fellow. A kid’s room will not be a good idea, who needs to sleep at night. You need to keep piggy in a separate room where the noise does not
disturb anyone.

After carefully planning and thinking, bring an adopted guinea pig in your home. They are trainable, smart, and affectionate pets. You will surely enjoy their presence in your home.

Is Your Daily Schedule Too Busy?

Guinea pigs need to spend some time out of their cage regularly. It is vital for your piggy’s well being. They need it to stretch their legs, cuddle in your leg, explore the environment near them, and interactwith others daily. These little creatures also need your attention to feel loved.

Moreover, they also need your efforts to groom them regularly. Longhaired breeds need daily brushing sessions, while shorthaired breeds require grooming once a week.

Not to mention, you need to clean their cage top to bottom once a week and need to spot clean every few days. Think about it, if you don’t like the smell of your piggy’s dirty cage, then how they will feel in it while spending nearly all their time just centimeters above the bedding. This is why you need some time regularly for your guinea pig.

Is a Guinea Pig Right for Your Family?

If you are planning to bring a guinea pig for your kid, think about how you will do animal care while you also have to take care of
your children.

Can your spouse help you in the grooming session?

Is your daughter or son willing to take pet ownership after coming back from school? And are they also
ready to help you in the evening or on weekends?

Can you do everything on your own if your children and spouse both drop the ball?

If you have other pets, are you sure you will give attention to your piggy?

Do You Have a Little Child?

Young children mostly don’t have self-control and can’t understand the need to stay humble with animals. This means they can drop the guinea pig, scare them, or squeeze them, leading to a guinea pig fighting back.

These littlecreatures need soft hands to touch them gently. They can easily get startled due to loud noises and sudden movement. So, if your kid is energetic, think about your decision again.

What Is Your Budget?

Both fees are affordable if you purchase a guinea pig or adopt them from a guinea pig rescue team. However, there are plenty
of other costs and ongoing needs that you have to consider. Initially, you will need to purchase the following supplies for your new friend.

Modular enclosure or large cage

A small box for hiding purpose

High quality pellets


Quality bedding material. Paper bedding is a better idea than wood because wood shavings can cause problems, especially when dirty, causing foot and respiratory problems.

Food dish

Water bottle

Timothy hay

So, if you are prepared to spend  at least several hundred dollars yearly on your new fellow, which does not include vet costs where you will have to take them when they get infected because of mite or need emergency vet care, you can bring a new buddy to your home.

Are You Willing to Bring a Second Piggy?

These beautiful small creatures are social animals that do best in the presence of another pig. You need to add at least one member to your home as well if you want to prevent their loneliness. Even if you spend long hours with them, they need a friend for the whole day to play with them in the cage.

Make sure to consider their life span, as you will be bringing two in your home. Your little fellow can live an average life of five to seven years. They live longer than other small pets such as gerbils, hamsters, rats, or mice, which only live a couple of years.

Bottom Line

So, after reading the article, if you are still planing on adding a new member to your home, don’t forget to check out the animal
shelter near you. Many rescue teams work hard to rescue guinea pigs and watch out for new homes. You can also become a part of this noble work by getting a pet from the shelter.

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